Crib Braided Bumper - Pink

Dhs. 720.00

Young mom wanting to add style and safety to her baby's crib, crafted protective bumpers shaped like braids. These chic cushions not only look great but also provide protection. A 3-meter long braid fits all around a 120x60 cm crib but wraps three sides of a 130x70 cm bed. For larger beds, we suggest adding a cloud-shaped pillow at the head for extra coziness.

You can personalize the bumpers with your baby's name, adding a heartwarming touch.

Made with soft velour and filled for comfort, these bumpers are a practical addition to any crib.

To use, simply arrange the braid around the crib's edges to protect your baby. For bigger beds, place the cloud pillow where your baby's head rests, ensuring a safe and snug sleeping area.

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