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Surround your baby with comfort and love.
Get your personalized bedding for the dream nursery.
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Welcome to Monnet Baby!

Our cozy store is a world filled with care for mothers and their babies.
We offer not just beautiful and comfortable bedding for children's rooms.
Each of our products is special. You can embroider your baby's name on it, putting love into these lines!

Moreover, every product is meticulously thought out. After all, they were designed by a young mother. Initially, she explored all the stores in search of the perfect bedding for her newborn daughter but never found it.
That's when the idea to sew it herself emerged. Other mothers began to learn about her wonderful products. And since 2018, each of them can order high-quality bedding for their child.

Love and care for children - these are the values that the founder
of the Monnet Baby brand has instilled!