Crib Canopy - Pompom - Pink

Dhs. 619.00
Type: Crib Canopy

Make your baby's sleep special with our lightweight canopy. It blocks out noise and bugs while letting fresh air in. Pink pom-poms add a fun, Barbie-inspired touch, making bedtime a dreamy adventure.

You can personalize it with your baby's name for that extra special touch.

Made with airy mesh and soft pom-poms, it's easy to install. You can also get a canopy holder separately to complete the setup.

Just hang the canopy over the crib to create a comfy, peaceful spot for your baby to sleep and dream.

The setup can be enhanced with a canopy holder. This is not included in the set but is also available for purchase separately.

Materials: weightless mesh, soft pom-pom.

*Price includes VAT