Sleeping Cocoon - Royal Cream - Beige with lace

Dhs. 620.00

Our cocoon is designed to give your baby a snug, secure feeling, similar to being in the womb. Created with experts for the brand founder's daughter, it helps babies sleep more peacefully, making nights better for parents too. The cocoon supports your baby in a comfy position and includes a special pillow for neck support.

It's easy to care for - just pop it in the washing machine. It's suitable for use up to 2 years.

You can personalize the cocoon with your baby's name for a special touch.

To use, simply place your baby in the cocoon, ensuring their head is on the pillow. It's perfect for restful sleep and can be used anywhere around the house.

Materials: High-quality sateen, lace, and soft filler.

*Price includes VAT